Did you know that Sea Turtles have an innate sense of direction, tapping into the Earth’s magnetic field to guide their Ocean journeys across thousands of miles? They are like the homing pigeon of the sea!


Join Hannah Mermaid on an adventure below the waves to visit a friendly Sea Turtle as it leads her home 🙂

Film by David Warth
Editing: Hannah Fraser
Mermaid: Hannah Mermaid
Decorative fins on Hannah’s tail by Mermaid Kariel
Music: Fire of Purification – Erothyme (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)

Each year thousands of hatchling turtles emerge from their nests along the southeast U.S. coast and enter the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood. The natural obstacles faced by young and adult sea turtles are staggering, but it is the increasing threats caused by humans that are driving them to extinction. Today, all sea turtles found in U.S. waters are federally listed as endangered, except for the loggerhead which is listed as threatened.

The biggest threats include:
Entanglement in fishing gear.
Poaching and illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells.
Coastal development.
Plastic and other marine debris.
Global warming.
Ocean pollution.

How can you help?
Adopt an endangered sea turtle and support Sea Turtle Conservancy’s programs focusing on research, education, advocacy and the protection of important habitats.



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