Iron Liz Interview On JewWario & Channel Awesome — Dumping With Scrump LIVE


The Channel is imploding. Hear an interesting talk about the latest things that were revealed…




One thought on “Iron Liz Interview On JewWario & Channel Awesome — Dumping With Scrump LIVE

  1. Ooderzoe April 22, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Okay, this is ridiculous… So this guy basically says he is neutral so he voted for Trump? No wonder other People are upset about his decision. In an election there is no such Thing as “being neutral”. The closest Thing to “neutral” is not to vote. Hear me well: the CLOSEST Thing! Because as soon as you are old enough to vote in a Democracy, you are in the game. You have to make up your mind.

    If you don’t vote, you still do a vote: You automatically Support the Person or Party that wins the election (by not voting for the other side). And if you vote for a certan Person or Party then you are far from neutral. You HAVE voted. Period. You have Chosen sides. Nobody is interested in your reason, especially not the Person or Party you voted for. All this Person or Party wants is to make the program they are stading for into legislation. So if this Scrump guy says he don’t like Trump but has voted for him anyway, then that’s it. He voted for Trump, so he’s not neutral. He helped making Trump a winner.

    As for IronLiz I’m just baffled, as she also Claims to have voted for Trump. Being a trans Person voting for a Person that says “I hate everything that’s not heterosexual!” reminds me of an old saying from Germany: “The most ignorant calves vote for their own butchers.”

    And one more Thing: Stop pretending to wish People well. You are dragging most personal Details of These People into the public in some sort of Vendetta (at least it Looks like one), so wishing them well is just hypocritic.

    I think this is it. Looking deeper into the Backgrounds is okay, but this Display of ignorance is just awful. And this Level of ignorance can’t be tolerated. Therefore this is the last time a Story like this is published here. We hoped for a look behind the curtain of some Events. Turns out to have been a bad idea.

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