The Ballad of Mike Michaud and Channel Awesome || Hamilton Parody (You’ll Be Back)


Apologies for having to dampen some of the backing track near the beginning to avoid copyright, despite parody being fair use. Please check out the Soundcloud download of this track for the fully unaltered version.


If you haven’t heard the original song from Hamilton that this is parodying (You’ll Be Back), you should listen to that first. The song is a “love letter” from King George to the United States just before going into the battle for America’s independence. After you’ve heard that song, come back and listen to this one.

Creative input by Joshua Saucedo

Song inspired by two specific people:

Fan art created by @JLuvsWicked on Twitter

And also @arkle on Twitter, who suggested they were able to picture Mike Michaud singing “You’ll Be Back”.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on, check out our document detailing a slew of things that we as ex-Channel Awesome producers experienced from management during our time with Channel Awesome:

See Channel Awesome’s response to our concerns (“We sincerely regret you felt that way”):


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