Who is in Control?


Facebook is having a crisis now, but the amount of control that it, and other social platforms have over us, has been at crisis levels for sometime. It wasn’t clear until 2016, but my biggest concern is that we’re still only at the beginning of this. It turns out that affecting human perspective is not all that complicated.


Right now, we’re at the point where computers have gotten good at teaching themselves to keep our attention with content that humans are creating. I’m deeply worried about what happens when the computers get good at not just serving up, but creating the content. Advertisers are already working on that exact technology, and if it helps them sell detergent fine.

But if it gets good at selling ideas, we’ll be in a new era of human history. I don’t know if Congress will be savvy enough to regulate that, and I don’t know if Mark Zuckerberg will be good enough or even powerful enough to control it.

Thanks to John and Taha Khan for advising me on this and helping me get things right.

Thanks to Grant from Three Blue One Brown for the neural network image. His series on how neural network AI works is REALLY GOOD! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aircAruvnKk

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