Why you blame other people | Field Guide to Bad Behaviour


Catch blame shifting before it spreads 😷 [reupload]
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Humans are complicated: a tangled web of amazing biology and bad behaviours. This illustrated field guide will equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the lying, jealous and judgmental tendencies of your fellow humans. This week we explore blame-shifting 👈

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BrainCraft was created by Vanessa Hill (@nessyhill) and is brought to you by PBS Digital Studios. Talking psychology, neuroscience & why we act the way we do.

This episode was written by Bahar Gholipour and filmed by Dominique Taylor. Animations by Vanessa Hill.
A big thank you to Mike Rugnetta for his help improving the audio from the previous version. Thank you also to Joe Hanson for his thumbnail advice.

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