Every Scientific Study on Arnold Schwarzenegger


Sometimes I use this platform for good, sometimes I use it to uncover every scientific study mentioning Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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After using a study mentioning Schwarzenegger a few episodes ago, I wondered, “How many scientific studies mention Arnold Schwarzenegger?” And when I looked into it, the answer REALLY got out of hand. This was a real pain in the neck.

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Thanks to Teagan Wall for her research support (she is now the #1 world expert on Arnold Schwarzenegger in academia). This episode was written by Teagan Wall and Vanessa Hill. Filmed by Dominique Taylor and Edited by Vanessa Hill.

All papers mentioned here you can find in this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bg_d3ZoFUs-b7V_gVKqZbjgaOdA4fTptCxM_E6xn8X0/edit?usp=sharing


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