The Breaking of the Fellowship

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They are parting ways. They are leaving. Linkara. Todd. And more. Maybe it was time that it happened. One man or woman can bear a lot, but there comes the moment when enough is enough.

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So be it. The time is running up here, too. What has to come nobody knows. I don’t think that we’ll see them here again…


3 fears about screen time for kids — and why they’re not true | Sara DeWitt

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We check our phones upwards of 50 times per day — but when our kids play around with them, we get nervous. Are screens ruining childhood? Not according to children’s media expert Sara DeWitt. In a talk that may make you feel a bit less guilty about passing your phone to a bored kid at a restaurant, DeWitt envisions a future where we’re excited to see kids interacting with screens and shows us exciting ways new technologies can actually help them grow, connect and learn.