Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Reviews, The Hostile Hospital ~ The Dom

The Dom reaches Book the Eighth in his Series of Unfortunate Reviews. Will Netflix follow the same formula its used to adapt all previous installment or will it finally surprise him?

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The Vampire Bookshelf

The Maven takes you on a tour of all the vampire memorabilia and books on her Vampire Bookshelf as a thank you for helping her patreon reach its latest goal.

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My Solo Predictions – Win Prizes in the Solo Challenge

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Think you know what will happen in Solo? Take the Solo challenge and win prizes from me, The Resistance Broadcast, and Black Series Rebels!

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5 Totally Messed Up Influences of Video Game Mascots | Fact Hunt

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Guru Larry takes a look at five rather surprising (and shocking) influences of video game mascots.

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If There’s Acid Rain, Is There Basic Rain?

You’ve probably heard of acid rain: rain that’s more acidic than normal because of pollution in the atmosphere. But, if rain can become more acidic, shouldn’t it also be able to become more basic?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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You Deserve a Nobel Prize

Because it’s the least they could do. Literally. It’s pretty much the actual, mathematical, least.


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Oodololly Episode 142 – Our Last Ride!

Oodololly—We are sisters! We love Walt Disney World! We love you!

Thank you for joining us on our adventures for Season 3. We can’t wait to take you with us for Season 4!

Everything GREAT About Justice League!

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Justice League had some problems early on in production, but the final product was surprisingly…decent…? I’m sure I liked it more than most, but here’s everything done right with Justice League!

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