The Breaking of the Fellowship

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They are parting ways. They are leaving. Linkara. Todd. And more. Maybe it was time that it happened. One man or woman can bear a lot, but there comes the moment when enough is enough.

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So be it. The time is running up here, too. What has to come nobody knows. I don’t think that we’ll see them here again…


Hello world!

So this is it, yes? I have seen that Symbol before. You bring it from Terra, this planet Earth that has been going through so much trouble lately and in other times.

Your gift is appreciated, but be careful! We the ACELS are not magicians who work with cheap tricks! What you ask for is too much. Yes, we have done it before. We interferred. But this came with a Price. We are not willing to pay this Price once more.

This Situation is something that your planet has to go through on its own. It is confusing, I know, but…

…this is the Land of Confusion!