The True Messed Up Story of Pocahontas

Animated Adam paints with all the colors of the truth to illustrate the real story of Pocahontas. Watch all-new episodes of Adam Ruins Everything Presents: ReAnimated History on truTV!

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10 Incredible Christmas Miracles That Changed Lives Forever!

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New New New New Doctor

13 deals with being a lady


Created by:
Leigh Lahav
Oren Mendez

Audrey Moulinatti ( )
Adi Elkin ( )

Character Design
Aviv Or ( )

After Effects
Brad Ruwe ( )

The 13th Doctor / Rose: Nadia Kamil ( )

The Doctor/ Dalek: Carl Forzane
( )

Bill: Misha Malcolm ( )

Missy: Leigh Lahav





Twitter- @leighlahav /

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Sherlock Spoils Everything

Sherlock is back, and ready to ruin all your favorite TV shows!
Absolutely NO spoilers for Sherlock S3 ! spoilers for Breaking Bad S4, Mad Men S6, and Gossip Girl only
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Sherlock was voiced by the awesome Max Firestorm!
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Peter Capaldi as the Doctor – Animated

Capaldi’s love of cussing and 900 years of experience create the sassiest Doctor Yet.

Created by Leigh Lahav
Backgrounds Tom Trager
Voices: Leigh Lahav and Tom Trager

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