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James and Mike play My Horse Prince.
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Valentine’s Day – Mental Floss Scatterbrained

Scatterbrained is a new trivia show in which different hosts do a deep dive into one topic. Today, we’re learning all about Valentine’s Day – from love celebrations around the world to some of nature’s most devoted pairs!

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Tenzushi: The Sushi God of the South

Allow us to introduce you to Isao Amano, head chef of Tenzushi, who many say makes the best sushi in Japan. It’s a very unique style of sushi, unlike any of the high end omakase sushi places we’ve been to, and is exceptionally innovative and maddeningly delicious. We traveled down to Fukuoka, then to Kokura, so we could have some Heavenly Sushi.

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He’s also a 2018 Tabelog Gold Award Winner:

If you’d like to go to Tenzushi, it’s closed now until Spring 2018. Please make reservations through your hotel concierge.

What to Eat in Rome

We spent 2 weeks in Rome, Italy, where we ate pasta, pizza, and home cooked meals all day, every day. We asked people living in Rome what places they eat at, and we’re sharing the best of that list here, in our guide on what to eat in Rome.

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How Okami Made Art Style THAT MATTERS! | Culture Shock

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Peach’s LOST Past! | Super Mario Bros ►►
GT: Loot Boxes Are SPYING ON YOU! ►►

2017 was a great year for video games, especially when it comes to original art styles. Cuphead, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Night in the Woods are just a few of the gorgeous games released last year, but this is not the first time innovative animation has played a major role in gaming. In fact there’s actually a game from 2006 that goes as far as implementing its art style into its gameplay mechanics! In this episode, GG will reveal the history behind the under-appreciated game, OKAMI!

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How Kodak Discovered Radioactive Rain

The Trinity Test had some unexpected consequences, including the creation of radioactive rain found hundreds of miles away from the test site.

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Nikuman – Magic Japanese Steam Buns

It’s getting cold in Japan, and nothing is quite as delightful on a cold, winter’s day as holding a Nikuman – Japanese Steam Bun – as you walk outside. Think of these as Hot Pockets but not gross. Come, let us show you what they’re all about!

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The Importance of Community

We got a mystery package from YouTube and it made us all emotional, so we did a video about it. Because we’re sappy. Also Logan Paul is human garbage.

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