WTFIWWY Live – That Doesn’t Go There 2017

This week: It’s time for our annual rectalspective: a look back on all the things that went in all the holes in 2017! Plus a beautiful object lesson on why you shouldn’t jump the turnstile, and how something that sounds as innocuous as a “restroom incident” is anything but …

WTFIWWY Live – Free Liver Inscription – 12/19/17

This week: Some places have tornadoes, some have earthquakes, and Florida has nude people committing vehicular crimes. Also: strange new frontiers in internet titulation, and a Washington man learns the difference between a truck and a mastodon …

HELP ME! Pick My New Glasses 2018 (Black Nerd)

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Andre Black Nerd chooses new glasses to wear in the New Year 2018 with the help of Warby Parker. YOU decide! Will it be Roosevelt, Ames, Mitchell, Everson, or Nash? Use the poll in the video to make your choice. Also checking out blue glasses for Eddie to wear in Power Rangers HyperForce! What are your New Years Resolutions? Happy New Year 2018!

Glasses in Video: Roosevelt Blue Slate Fade, Ames Whiskey Tortoise, Mitchelle Earl Grey, Everson Eastern Bluebird Fade, Nash Deep Sea Blue,

Other Styles Available: Roosevelt Jet Black Matte, Ames Jet Black Matte, Mitchell Whiskey Tortoise, Everson Jet Black Matte, Nash Whiskey Tortoise, Nash Crystal

Disclosure: This video is sponsored by Warby Parker. All opinions are 100% my own.

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