The Mistakes of Doug Walker – The Channel Awesome Legacy | TRO

The Right Opinion: The Mistakes of Doug Walker – The Channel Awesome Legacy | TRO


Another view behind the curtain of CA, including some lessons and the Legacy.

Ok… Let’s Talk About The Channel

The COUNCIL OF GEEKS speaks. They really didn’t want to talk about this, and to be fair nobody asked them to. But it’s been weighing on their mind and they kind of need to just vent it out.

The original “Channel Not So Awesome” Document can be found here:




#ChangeTheChannel: What Happened with Channel Awesome?

Here’s what’s going down with Channel Awesome, why the Google Doc was made, and a little bit about what’s happened since.

The Google Doc:

Apologies for turning the comments off, but it’s a bit crazy and overwhelming right now. Thanks for understanding.

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Channel Awesome Retrospective #3| Jesu Otaku ft: NobleAbsinthe

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Channel Awesome Retrospective Episode 4 Bennet The Sage:
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NobleAbsinthe and I are collabing to bring to you a retrospective series on every contributor at Channel Awesome (formerly known as The reviewing community on YouTube owes a lot to guys like Doug Walker and James Rolfe for propelling many of the YouTube “celebrities” we see today. Channel Awesome also serves as decent folklore about the early days of YouTube. Also, since there wasn’t any other YouTube channel with an extensive compendium of these contributors; we thought it would be a fun project.

Today’s episode is on Jesu Otaku, one of the few anime producers on Channel Awesome.

May god have mercy on his soul…

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*The videos may not be in true chronological order, but aim to cover all contributors.

The Ballad of Mike Michaud and Channel Awesome || Hamilton Parody (You’ll Be Back)

Apologies for having to dampen some of the backing track near the beginning to avoid copyright, despite parody being fair use. Please check out the Soundcloud download of this track for the fully unaltered version.

If you haven’t heard the original song from Hamilton that this is parodying (You’ll Be Back), you should listen to that first. The song is a “love letter” from King George to the United States just before going into the battle for America’s independence. After you’ve heard that song, come back and listen to this one.

Creative input by Joshua Saucedo

Song inspired by two specific people:

Fan art created by @JLuvsWicked on Twitter

And also @arkle on Twitter, who suggested they were able to picture Mike Michaud singing “You’ll Be Back”.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on, check out our document detailing a slew of things that we as ex-Channel Awesome producers experienced from management during our time with Channel Awesome:

See Channel Awesome’s response to our concerns (“We sincerely regret you felt that way”):


This continues from part one, sharing grievances from former producers and workers at CA. Conditions on film sets are exposed. I also discuss the statement made in response by CA.



Long form document

Condensed version
The footage in this video falls under Fair Use Law 107 allowing for education, comment and criticism. My opinions are not fact and are not meant to harm anyone. This video is meant to initiate thoughtful discussion.


Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3

Many moons ago, when Quinton first envisioned this series, two words stuck out in his mind: “Channel. Awesome.” He has spent well over a year planning the Fallen Titans series, and the entire time he’s kept it in his mind that a cornerstone of this was going to be discussing Thatguywiththeglasses and what happened to it. As recently as five days ago, he planned for the Channel Awesome Fallen Titans to serve as the finale. But, given the recent revelations about the conditions behind the scenes, he chose to move it up in the schedule. E n j o y ?

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Live Reaction to Channel Awesome’s Response to Former Producers’ Grievances

DISCLAIMER: It’s not common that I swear, but this video is filmed with a significant amount of swearing. I know my audience may come to me for clean content, so I apologize if this is offensive to anyone, so please don’t watch this if strong language is offensive to you.

Channel Awesome dropped a response to the grievances that ex-contributors had with them while I was in the middle of a live stream, and I stopped my game to read it out loud to my audience. This was my immediate response.

To read mine and other former Channel Awesome contributors’ grievances with Channel Awesome as a company (including management with Mike Michaud, Doug Walker, and Rob Walker), read this document:

To read Channel Awesome’s response, see this tweet: — Watch live at

Seeing Sentai, Episode 39: Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan Episodes 43 – 49

It’s almost the end of the series! We meet a new major villain named Inazuma Ginga, and the hierarchy of Black Magma changes drastically! What can we look forward to for the last episode?

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Vampire Reviews: Carmilla

J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 “Carmilla” requires alteration to become palatable to a modern audience. How does the 2014 stage play by David MacDowell Blue handle the source material’s issues?

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