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A Young Nurse Dies On A Plane; What Could Have Been Done? | Incident Report 154

Brittany Oswell, a 25 year old nurse, dies after falling ill on a flight back from her honeymoon in Hawaii. Now the family is suing the airline. What could have been done differently, and what’s our responsibility as medical personnel and good samaritans?

Were The Children of Flint Poisoned? Not So Fast… | Against Medical Advice 044

There is no known safe level of lead exposure for children. The Flint water crisis exposed poorly managed infrastructure that desperately demanded repair. But were the children of Flint “poisoned” by toxic lead levels, or is there a deeper story here?

Dr. Hernán F. Gómez, MD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, University of Michigan Medicine, Hurley Medical Center joins us on this special episode of Against Medical Advice to talk about this study in the Journal of Pediatrics (of which he was lead author).